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Cherishing Parenthood With Every Breath! May 23, 2012

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Ah for the love of children we do so many things. Those adorable little mini me’s who control every aspect of your life. I mean this in the most positive way. Children are wonderful, full of life and energy, always loving and amazing. Someone once told me…okay not just one someone and not just once…that parenting is wonderful, that I should hold every memory preciously in my hands and cherish EVERY memory! Okay, I will agree that raising children is a unique experience, a wonder to behold, a treasure…but I have to admit that I have trouble with the idea of cherishing EVERY moment of their lives! Let me tell you a story, of which I am positive there will be many more, of one such memory that I will not be cherishing…okay, so I might cherish part of it!

Last night I snuggled into my daughters bed with a stack of stories. One child tucked cozily under each arm. I opened the stories and read every word on every page, engaging my children by asking questions and letting them turn the pages. Half way through I notice a bit of a funky smell. I ask each child in turn if they are sick or poopy, both say no and we move on with the next page.

After story time I tuck my daughter into bed with hugs and kisses and ask her again if she is feeling alright. Her response is to say “well, maybe I feel a little sick, maybe I have a bubble in my tummy…” I lean in to give her a kiss and get a slobbery wet raspberry blown into my face! “oh, sorry, I farted” she giggles. Wiping her spit from my face I ask if she feels better now, she giggles again and I leave the room wishing her sweet dreams.

I go into the next room to tuck my son into his bed. He refuses to give me hugs or kisses. So I turn on his music, cover him up and whisper “I love you”. I leave his room with a sigh, now to load the dish washer and relax for a bit. As I am settling into the couch I catch movement from the corner of my eye. “what do you need?” I ask my little Booboo (my son). “I think I do want hugs and kisses” he says quietly. I pick him up and snuggle him all the way back upstairs, give great hugs and kisses and wish him a good night sleep. He stays there for the rest of the night.

When I go in to check on my children before going to bed I once again smell this undertone of funk. It is as though my daughter vomited and didnt brush her teeth afterwards. So not strong enough for there to actually be vomit in the room, but strong enough to tell me there is a residue somewhere. I cant find it in her dark bedroom in the middle of the night so I leave the room vowing to hunt it down in the morning!

The next morning starts off well and the mystery smell eludes my mind until about 10:30. With it being laundry day I head upstairs and go through each room collecting abandoned pieces of childrens clothing, towels and bedding. Upon entering my daughters room I am reminded of my vow to go stench hunting! I pull the bedding apart, but nothing there holds the smell, oh well, it is time to wash the bedding anyways. I continue searching behind the bed, in the drawers, the bottom of the toy box, under the bed…but I cannot for the life of me find what it is.

I decide to go start the laundry and continue my search later. At about 11 my daughter goes up to her room to get dressed. I follow along with an arm load of laundry. We start chatting about the smell, me asking questions, her providing logical 4 year old answers! The conversation goes something like this: Me: So, do you smell something?

Her: Yeah, it smells yucky!

Me: Any ideas on what it might be?

Her: Maybe it is your bum! Did you poop in your pants Mommy?

Me: No, but thanks for asking! It smells like something is rotting in here, can you think of any food or something that might be rotting in here?

Her: It’s okay Mommy, you can tell me if you pooped your pants, everyone has accidents sometimes!

Me: I didnt poop my pants but thank-you for your concern. back to the location of the smell though please. It smells like something died in here.

Her: oh, maybe it was Albert (very matter of factly)

Me: Albert? Who is Albert and why would he be dead in your bedroom?

Her: SHE is a ladybug and I lost her so she must have died in here somewhere! (this said matter of factly with eye rolling and snobby intonnation, as though I am really as dumb as I look!)

Me: Oh, well, even if Albert did die in here she wouldnt smell like that.

I put the stack of clothing I was carrying down on the top of her dresser. Pulling my hand out from under the stack I realize that my hand is wet…what the…I bring my hand towards my face and take a whiff…YUP! That is DEFINATELY the source of the rotten stench!

Removing the dry clothing from the stack and gathering up the soaked with stench clothing I start cleaning up the mess. Can YOU guess what that wet stuff was???

It was the fluid that seaped out of the holes of a sippy cup when the fermenting contents built up too much pressure to contain it any longer!

With my hubby working out of town it is quite often that when he comes home he falls into the roll of primary caregiver to our children. They dont want anything to do with me once they see him, I need a break to regain my sanity and he misses them. In general our set up usually works for us. One of the issues with this layout is that we have different survival skills and “rules” that we follow. One such rule is that I try really hard to NEVER EVER put milk into sippy cups with straws or valves. My wonderful hubby aparently does not feel the same way. On Friday night he put the kids to bed with sippy cups of milk. The next day it stayed there…did I mention that today is WEDNESDAY!!! How did this happen?

Well Friday night when we went in to check on our sleeping daughter the cup got over looked. Saturday it was mistaken as her almost always present water cup. Saturday night and Sunday the kids had gone camping with daddy and I never entered the bedroom. Monday the kids were taken care of by daddy, I assume he didnt have any reason to enter her room. That brings us to Tuesday, and more specifically Tuesday night and Wednesday morning!


So in conclusion, I definately expected science experiments when I became a parent, I just didnt expect them to be started by us, the parents, nore did I expect them to start at such a young age. So no, I will not cherish this moment, and I am certain that this is not the last time I will refuse to cherish a moment of my childrens childhoods! ;D



One Response to “Cherishing Parenthood With Every Breath!”

  1. Your Other Mom Says:

    LOL! Wait till they start helping put away groceries….. Oh the stories I have…..

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