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Positive Parenting Solutions! September 30, 2011

Filed under: Motherhood — Beth @ 9:42 am

There is an online parenting course out there called Positive Parenting Solutions by Amy McCready.

I have taken much of the course over the past 4 months and have found that there is so much in there (and I am so tired) that I have had to retake it several times to catch it all. I really enjoy the course and while applying it takes a lot of time and energy I have seen great results. My issue now is that I have had issues with consistancy my whole life. So practising and acting consistantly, long term has proven to be a major challenge for me.

I have noticed that my sons behavior has been back firing no matter what I do so I sent Amy an email, pouring out my heart about how difficult this child is, about how keeping the kids in bed is a nightmare (pun intended) and generally explaining that not only are the kids out of control, but that I feel as though I am as well. I truly didn’t expect a response, I figured I would at least get some stress relief from the act of writing it all out.

TO MY SUPRISE, She emailed me back! Writing that it sounded like I felt like I was drowning and would benefit from a live conversation! She scheduled a phone “conference” right then and there. Firday morning comes around and my phone rings 2 seconds past the hour in which she said she would call. I expected a doctor/patient or client kind of call. I expected to be told I was doing everything wrong. I expected her to tell me I had to fix things not or my teenage years would be horrific. BUT SHE DIDN’T.

She empathized, she commented positively, she encouraged, she provided ideas, tips…not once did I feel talked down to, not once did I feel that I was making more of things than they were. Not once did I feel frustrated or awkward.

I am excited to start implementing her suggestions, excited to “do my homework”, excited about learning to be a better mom CONSISTANTLY!


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